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PlayStation Wars : Episode II

Attack of the Colonials

Our sheep-shearing, beer-drinking buddies down under are not prepared to put up with Sony's ridiculous anti-import stance, or so BBC News Online is reporting. The Australian consumer watchdog has said it will oppose a Sony court action to stop consumers using PlayStation games bought abroad. Sony will go before Sydney's Federal Court in April, but the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) will also be heard. Sony is seeking to prevent consumers using mod chips, after their successful action against the makers of Neo and Messiah mod chips in Europe. Australia is technically included in the European region as far as Sony is concerned. However, this does not mean that Australia will fold so easily. Dumbfounded gamers on this side of the globe - specifically in the UK - have already had to put up with several irritating constraints this year, the most noteworthy of which was the recent suspension of GameCube imports at Computer Exchange by Nintendo. Although Microsoft and Sony condemned Nintendo for pressuring the independent retailer, it all seems very much like swings and roundabouts to us. ACCC chairman Allan Fels commented for BBC News Online: "It is an attempt to lock out Australian mums, dads and children from [the] enjoyment of legitimate products they have bought." Sony Computer Entertainment Australia MD Michael Ephraim confessed to being "a bit shocked" by the statements. Evidently he lives under some sort of rock. The Earth perhaps… "Sony Computer Entertainment is moving, in this particular case, to prevent Australian consumers from reaping the benefits of globalisation," Mr Fels continued. If the ACCC is successful in stamping out Sony's action, then it will be a victory for gamers the world over and may help to undo the ridiculous precedent set by Judge Jacob Dean in this country last month. Good luck, mates. Related Feature - Messiah roasted

Source - BBC News Online

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