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Student Scholarships available for GDC

IGDA are giving away 25 free passes to next year's GDC

The Independent Game Developers Association is launching its Student Scholarship Program for a second year, offering 25 lucky people a Classic Pass to the next Game Developers Conference in San Jose. Normally this pass would set you back some $1295, which is equivalent to about 600 cheap pints down at the student union bar or 185 all-you-can-eat pig-outs at that dodgy curry house round the corner. Well worth the effort of entering then, I'm sure you'll agree. The only bad news is that even if you win you will still have to pay your own travel and hotel expenses. The scholarship program is open to college and university students from around the world who will be over 18 years old when the conference starts in mid-March. You will also need to be a member of the IGDA, but you can sign up for a year's student membership for just $25. All entries must be in by January 7th, and applications will be judged by the likes of id Software's resident Brit Graeme Devine and Ray Muzyka of BioWare fame. For more details, head over to the IGDA website.

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