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GBA gets Midnight Club

And it's welcome to it

Digital Worldwide have officially announced the GameBoy Advance version of Midnight Club, a game which they rather optimistically describe as a "celebrated PlayStation 2 free-roaming racer". Our understanding is that it has sold somewhat less than 50,000 copies in the UK over the last year, and it wasn't exactly one of the stand-out titles in the PS2 launch line-up. Despite this less than auspicious start though, Midnight Club is now being brought to the GBA in top-down form, along with the better known Smuggler's Run and Grand Theft Auto 3. The hand-held version of the game features all of the cars from the PS2 original as well as both London and New York street circuits to race on, and a choice of arcade and career modes to tackle. And while we're not sure we agree with the press release's description of the game's graphics as "stunning" and "hugely impressive", the real-time lighting effects should certainly give the night-time races some much-needed atmosphere as you dodge your way through the crowded streets. Expect Midnight Club to appear on GBA early next year with a recommended price tag of £35. Related Feature - Grand Theft Advance

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