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Mythical redundacies

Mumbo Jumbo's California team closed down

Mumbo Jumbo's Californian office, which was responsible for the recently released Myth III, has either been closed down or "consolidated" into the company's Texas headquarters, depending on who you ask. Either way though it means that the majority of the staff that worked on the game in California are now looking for a new job. According to designer Andrew Meggs, "there was no next project lined up and funded, nor was there expected to be in the near future, [and] it's expensive to keep a team of salaried people around doing nothing". As a result of the lay-offs, future support for Myth III is in doubt. A patch addressing some of the bugs and other issues that afflicted the original version of the game is apparently almost finished, but the team have spent most of the last two weeks looking for new jobs and clearing out their offices, so it's not clear when it will see the light of day. The fate of the game's ranking system and long-promised editing suite is also up in the air, with at least one of the game's programmers working on the tools from home. "I'm very proud of the work we've done as the game stands on its own, and even more so in light of the fact that we did it in only eleven months from start to finish", Andrew Meggs told fans. "Despite the somewhat unhappy conclusion, I don't think a single person from the Myth III team regrets their decision to be a part of bringing this game into existence."

Source - Myth Village forums / GameSpot

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