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Xicat provide home for Lost Boys

Two new GameBoy Advance titles on the way

Xicat have announced that they will be publishing two new GameBoy Advance titles from Dutch developers Lost Boys early next year. First up will be Black Belt Challenge, a beat 'em up which allows you to choose between the paths of good and evil as you battle it out in an attempt to recover lost pages of the Book Of Zero, which will give its owner "ultimate powers". The result is inevitably cartoon mayhem as eleven big-headed characters fight over the missing pages, with Lost Boys promising a wide range of special moves, secret characters to unlock and a two player link mode. The second game is Invader, a shoot 'em up which sees you battling a seemingly unstoppable alien force called the Swarm which threatens your home planet. Cue multiple levels of carnage as you pilot your spacecraft over eight different worlds, each with its own end of level boss. With real-time lighting and weather effects, multi-layer parallax scrolling, a selection of eight weapons and two spacecraft to choose from, and the ability to team up with a friend using the link cable, it could prove to be a lot of fun. Related Features - Invader shots / Black Belt shots

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