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Titanium pricing revealed

ELSA announces new graphics cards based on NVIDIA's latest Titanium chips

ELSA have unveiled their new range of graphics cards, based on the freshly announced GeForce Titanium series chips from NVIDIA, and all including TV-out as standard. At the bottom end of the range is the Gladiac 516, which is based on the new GeForce 2 Ti coupled with 64Mb of 400Mhz DDR memory, and will set you back around £140. Moving up a step we find the Gladiac 721, using the GeForce 3 Ti200 chip and also sporting 64Mb of that 400Mhz memory. This should be appearing as early as the end of the week and will cost a princely £250, with a copy of Giants and 3D Mark 2001 thrown in. Finally, for those of you with more money than sense, there is the Gladiac 921. Based on the impressive GeForce 3 Ti500 chip, it sadly comes with a price tag to match its performance at a staggering £380. For that you will get DVI output, 64Mb of 500Mhz DDR memory and a copy of Dronez, as well as what is almost certainly the fastest graphics card on the market. It also comes with new improved heatsinks and fans, which ELSA promise will reduce noise levels and improve the card's lifespan. Expect to see this and the (relatively) cheap Gladiac 516 on shelves come October 15th. Related Feature - GeForce 3 Titanium 500 review

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