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Football on your mobile

Kuju plays Nokia a through ball

Without a doubt the largest present generation mobile phone to grace the market, the Nokia 9210 Communicator also holds the dubious honour of being the first mobile to feature games which aren't complete pap. We're quite happy to lock horns with the ravenous Snakes elite over this one, especially now that Kuju Entertainment have released some screenshots of their little beaut', Mobile Soccer. The Nokia Communicator features a full colour screen and Symbian's Crystal reference design, so in effect it's almost a full-blown PDA, resembling leading palmtop devices like the HP Jornada and the Psion Revo Plus, but with a full suite of mobile phone functions to boot. Mobile Soccer will be a fully functional football game, and a couple of "screenshots" are already available. One of the advantages of the Nokia Communicator format is that it features an exceptionally large screen, perfect (in this case) for a top down view of a football field. In its present state, the game bears more than a passing resemblance to Charles Chapman's classic Net Yaroze PlayStation game, Total Soccer Yaroze (video here, screenshots here) but we fancy that's more to do with the pair's simplistic visual approach than anything else. Kuju Entertainment, who see themselves as something of a market leader in this area (developing for WAP, EPOC and Game Boy Advance) have already distinguished themselves this year with announcements regarding PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and are the force behind the bizarrely entertaining Microsoft Train Simulator. Mobile Soccer will be available through Club Nokia sometime this year. Related Features - Kuju Mobile Soccer Screenshots

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