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Sudden Strikes Back

CDV releases free add-on missions for popular World War II real-time strategy game

German publisher CDV has released a free mini mission pack for their hit real-time strategy game "Sudden Strike", which you can grab from FilePlanet. Weighing in at just 322Kb, the free downloadable add-on features five new missions for the game to give you a taste of what you can expect from the forthcoming official Expansion Pack, which is due out in May.

First up is "Enclosed", which sees the Germans trying to hold off a Russian assault on their position, while "Snipers" gets into "Enemy At The Gates" territory as you are tasked with clearing out a group of German sharpshooters. "Special Action" sets you the job of fighting your way through the streets of a ruined city, mopping up the last Russian defenders, and "The Eagle Has Landed" puts you in charge of a group of German paratroopers far behind enemy lines. Finally in "The Mad Scientist" you must liberate a group of scientists from a German prison camp.

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