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Die Nazi scum

Greg Goodrich exercises his Gray Matter

Producer Greg Goodrich of Gray Matter Studios (the team formerly known as Xatrix) has lifted his head above the parapet to dispel some rumours about the company's forthcoming Quake 3 engined shooter "Return To Castle Wolfenstein". The first thing he wants to make clear is that there will be "lots and lots of Nazis" in the game. "Indeed there will be more Nazis in this game than you can possibly imagine. From the very first second of the game to the very end. You will kill Nazis. Why? Because B.J. hates Nazis. More so than Nick Fury, Captain America, Sgt. Rock and all of his Howling Commandos put together."

Wow, that's a lot of Nazis... And you will even be able to kill them in all kinds of different ways, because "locational damage plays a vital role in this game", just as it did in the team's last release, controversial gangsta shooter "Kingpin". If you are hoping to beat those Nazis around the head with a length of lead pipe you may be disappointed at the results though. "We did not feel it was important to make [locational damage] as graphically evident as we did in Kingpin. For the same reason B.J. will not shriek the term "Punk M*ther F*cker" when stomping on dead Nazis. I know this saddens a lot of Kingpin fans, but the game is simply not going to be that dark."

Source - Achtung! Wolfenstein

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