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All right, all right, we'll have none of that, but if you're a fan of Deus Ex, (and who isn't?) then the new multiplayer patch will no doubt set your heart a-beating...

So then, Deus Ex, the best first person shooter ever? There's certainly cause to think so, and if your PC is up to the task of rendering heavy duty Unreal engine shoot em ups, then there's absolutely no reason for you not to have it in your collection. One of the things that the game was criticized for, though ... no, let me rephrase that ... the single factor that people took issue with in Deus Ex, was its lack of multiplayer. Not just serious multiplayer modes, but a lack of multiplayer, full stop. But as we all know, the developers, Ion Storm, are not the sort of people to let their fans down! (Are you on crack today, Tom? -Ed) In an effort to extend our enjoyment of this timeless classic, they have released a patch, that not only corrects a few erroneous bugs and improves the OpenGL and D3D code, but also includes the much-awaited addition of multiplayer. It clocks in at a hefty 36Mb, but don't whimper, choke your modem on it, because it will be well worth your troubles... Download locations -

FilePlanet (multiple download mirrors)


The patch is still considered Beta, so make sure you back up your savegames and whatnot before use to avoid any unnecessary excitement. Related Feature - Deus Ex Review

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