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Sheep invade London

Red-faced Ken finds himself surrounded by three giant sheep at London party

London Mayor Ken Livingstone had the surprise of his life on Tuesday night when he was accosted by a trio of sheep at a party in London to mark the lighting of the city's Christmas illuminations. They were there to advertise Empire Interactive's Lemmings-style puzzle game "Sheep", which is due for release in the UK on Friday 17th November. The game sees you guiding the hapless wool-coated animals through a series of fiendish obstacles and hazards on the way to Mount Mouflon, and is certainly one of the more bizarre games we've come across lately, as well as being strangely addictive.

The Sheep at ECTS in London a couple of months ago

Ken obviously doesn't read our site, or he wouldn't have asked "What are you doing here anyway?" when the three sheep suddenly popped up around him for a photo call. Earlier the ovine-suited people had been spotted out on the streets during the main ceremony, apparently dancing with a brass band, waving banners reading "We Love Ewe", and signing Christmas carols. It's a strange, strange world...

Source - I, Sheep

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