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Halcyon (+on+on)

Freeloader are set to launch their new downloadable episodic game "Halcyon Sun" tomorrow

We've said it before and we'll no doubt say it again - episodic gaming is the current buzz word in the gaming industry. And now British company Freeloader.com are jumping on the bandwagon by releasing their own "world's first episodic internet game", following on from such world's first episodic internet games as "Siege of Avalon" and "Arabian Nights". Developed by Britsoft developers Kuju (who are also responsible for the decidely odd-ball "Microsoft Train Simulator"), "Halcyon Sun" is a space combat sim which will be released as twelve episodes, available to download for free via Freeloader's website.

The first two episodes of Halcyon Sun are due to launch tomorrow at noon, and should weigh in at a measly 10Mb, with another ten episodes appearing over the next 24 weeks and taking up about 3Mb each. Most game demos are bigger than that, so it certainly shouldn't strain your bandwidth, even if you're living in modem hell. Despite this the game actually looks rather good though, and as it won't cost you a single Euro you might as well download it and give it a try for yourself... For the full story, read the press release.

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