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Xbox handheld revisited

Apparently the fact that it will bear no relation to its big brother is only starting to dawn on people

IGN have revisited the Xbox handheld topic with some more hearsay and rumour courtesy of Microsoft's own Paul Goss, a senior VP in their mobility section. It was exactly a year ago that the company first mooted the possibility of a handheld, even before the subject of the Xbox was first brought up. I think over time, as we establish Xbox as a successful gaming device, the concept of a companion gaming device is a very interesting thing. We could potentially leverage a lot of what we've done in the richness of a Pocket PC, with an integrated radio, and a form factor dedicated to gaming." Goss then goes on to talk about the possibilities of connecting the unit directly to the Xbox, much like the successful N64 / GameBoy Color linkup options available in some recent games.

The quotes come from an article in the San Jose Mercury Times.

Source - IGN

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