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3dfx switch on in Europe

3dfx's "VoodooTV FM" digital television and radio tuner is expected to ship across Europe in the first week of November

While their new "VoodooTV" range of digital tuner cards has been available in the USA for a few weeks now, 3dfx announced today that the European version of the card will be released on this side of the pond as early as next week. The "VoodooTV FM", as it is known over here, will include both TV and radio support, as well as a remote control to save you having to get up off the couch. For some reason those venerable couch potatoes the Americans don't get a remote - maybe 3dfx felt they needed the exercise? Regardless, the VoodooTV FM should offer some of the best TV and radio reception you're likely to see on your PC, along with the ability to record your favourite shows direct to your hard drive for posterity.

The only real disappointment for UK customers is that for some reason the VoodooTV FM costs £99, while the American version (the VoodooTV 200) only costs $99 - about £70, even at the current low exchange rates. And even accounting for the effect of our 17.5% "Value Added Tax" the price difference is still almost £20. Surely the remote isn't worth that much? In fact, rather worryingly the remote isn't even mentioned in the press release. Let's hope they haven't decided to cut it, or I'll have to get up to switch channels...

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