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Latest 3DO release dates

All the latest on "Sarge's Heroes", "Heroes of Might & Magic" and the rest of the 3DO line-up

We just got hold of the latest release schedule for 3DO Europe from their lovely PR people at Bastion, and as usual it is dominated by the "Might & Magic" and "Army Men" franchises. The plastic soldiers are getting another outing on the PC, with "Army Men : Sarge's Heroes" now due out this Friday, a week later than expected. Meanwhile the tetralogy of "Heroes of Might & Magic Chronicles" games due in November have been joined by yet another re-release of "Heroes III", this time in a "Complete" package which includes the original game as well as the extra "Shadow Of Death" and "Armageddon's Blade" campaigns which have been included in previous bundles and add-ons. Well worth a look if turn based strategy floats your boat, especially if you haven't already got one of the previous releases of the game...

Other than that it's slim pickings for PC owners - two more "Heroes Chronicles" games have been confirmed for next March, where they are now joined by soccer game "Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2001", and multiplayer action game "Legends of Might & Magic" is expected around the same time. But the big push for 3DO is on the PlayStation 2, with "Warriors of Might & Magic", "WDL : Thunder Tanks" and a pair of Army Men titles all due for release on Sony's new console in February. GameBoy Colour is also getting a lot of attention, with no less than three Army Men games due in November on the ever-popular hand-held system. Lucky GameBoy...

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