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Latest 3DO release dates

The latest release schedule from 3DO Europe has just arrived, with the expected wide selection of "Might & Magic" and "Army Men" titles on offer. The first two "Heroes of Might & Magic Chronicles" games are now due for release on November 3rd, with two more to follow on November 17th, and a further two now pencilled in for March 2001. These games mark 3DO's first attempt at episodic gaming, each offering a single story-based campaign using the Heroes III engine, aiming to bring the Heroes series' addictive blend of role-playing and turn-based strategy to a larger audience with a budget price and gentler learning curve. Meanwhile Might & Magic fans will be disappointed to hear that the Lithtech powered multiplayer title "Legends of Might & Magic" has been delayed. Originally due out this November, the game now looks set to be released some time early next spring. For all the latest UK release information, check EuroGamer's UK release date list, currently tracking over a hundred PC titles due for release over the next year.

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