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The Tech

AMD have made a move to block overclocking of their Athlon CPUs, according to Insane Hardware

Hexus have posted a guide to overclocking 3dfx's ancient Voodoo 3 2000 graphics card, for those of you on a very tight budget

If you're on a budget because of rampant alcoholism, the drunken buyer's guide on HardNews may interest you

TweakTown have posted yet another batch of ten new case mods

Abit KT7 RAID controller - Hexus review

AirStik 2000 PC flight stick - GlideUnderground review

AMD Duron and Thunderbird processors - TweakTown comparison

AMD Thunderbird 750MHz - Chicks Hardware review

Network Everywhere Ethernet 10BaseT 5-Port Starter Kit - SysReview review

ThermalTake Blue Orb video card cooler - Insane Hardware review

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