Our picks of the best Black Friday deals

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The Tech

HardCoreWare are giving away a 900MHz Duron based PC with a GeForce 2 graphics card. Tasty.

Insane Hardware are running a competition to get shot of some "useless junk" (their words!), including a Pentium 100 (no, that's not a typo), an Acer watch, and a cooler for an AMD Athlon amongst other stuff

G3D have posted an article full of overclocking tips

AthlonOC have written a new improved comparison of AMD's Duron and Thunderbird processors

Asus A7S motherboard - Insane Hardware preview

Asus A7V motherboard - Via Hardware review

CenDyne Internal 8x4x32 E-IDE CD-RW drive - SysReview review

Diamond Viper II graphics card - Extreme Overclocking review

Master View CD-102U KVM switch - Dans Data review

Matrox G450 graphics card - 3DCenter preview (in German!)

Microsoft SideWinder Plug 'n Play Game Pad - 3D Game Force review

Promise Technology Ultra 100 ATA100 controller card - System Logic review

Razer Boomslang 2000 mouse - Extreme Overclocking review

Thermaltake Socket A Chrome Orb cooler - Insane Hardware review

Thermaltake Blue Chipset Orb coolers - Insane Hardware preview

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