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Arabian Nights - third episode on Monday

Episodic is one of the big buzzwords in the gaming industry at the moment, and Visiware's action-adventure game "Arabian Nights" is one of the first games to be distributed this way over the internet. Instead of releasing the game all at once, Visiware are giving away the first episode for free, and then selling additional episodes direct from their website for just £3.99 each, or you can pre-order the five new episodes for just £14.49. A new episode is released each month, and Monday sees the release of the third one - "Palace Mysteries".

More mainstream episodic gaming will be coming your way later this year with the arrival of "Heroes Chronicles" (four new campaigns in the Heroes of Might & Magic turn-based strategy series) and "The Blair Witch Project Trilogy" (a trio of spooky new action-adventure games based on the hit movie franchise and using the Nocturne engine).

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