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Jason Hall on Lithtech - Real Networks deal

A few months ago Lithtech Inc announced that they had licensed their 3D game engine to Real Networks, best known for their "Real Player" streaming media system. Exactly how this was going to work and what it meant for game developers was a little vague at the time, but now in an interview with 3DActionPlanet, Lithtech CEO Jason Hall has explained all...

"Essentially, RealNetworks is moving into the business of selling and distributing high quality but small file-sized downloadable games. They have licensed the LithTech engine from us so that they can provide "garage-type", "shareware-type", "MOD-type", etc. game developers a sophisticated 3D engine (that has been modified to fully support electronic software distribution, ESD) to produce 3D games with. Once a developer produces a game with LithTech ESD, Real Networks will sell and distribute and advertise that game to their 100 million plus user base. The revenue will be divided between Real Networks, and the developer. No middle people!"

"This is a REALLY big deal. Not only did LithTech just do the largest 3D engine license deal in the entire gaming industry, but now more developers than EVER can get their hands on the full version of LithTech 2.0 and start making their game, which will eventually be distributed and sold by Real Networks... This is the true beginning of the "Independent Games" industry."

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