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From Russia With Dirty Big Sword

Currently under development by Russian company Snowball Interactive, "Fatherdale: The Guardians of Asgard" is a role-playing game set in Europe at the end of the Viking era, "a familiar setting laden with legends of bravery and courage", as Snowball's Sergei Klimov explained in an interview with RPG Planet. "We like to immerse, to lure, and we do it by presenting a very realistic, very believable atmosphere, in which we then plant the seeds of our fantastic adventure."

"AD 1072 is still the time when a man could be a hero .. when the battles were face to face and one to one, when your sword was your best friend, and when the world was so small your reputation was more valuable than your life. The bonds between friends were based on whether you will trust him to stand by your back. Your word is worth your blade, and it's the perfect environment to test both the characters and the player, to face situations where a moral decision is crucial."

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