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Recently there has been a lot of debate about the state of the PC gaming industry, with several big developers (including Britain's own Lionhead, fronted by Peter Molyneux of Populous and Dungeon Keeper fame) saying that they were intending to concentrate more on console game development in future. Amongst the possible defectors is Ritual, which has recently completed the Quake 3 engined third person shooter "Heavy Metal : FAKK2", and in an interview with Voodoo Extreme, artist Rob Atkins has spoken about the problems of developing games for the PC.

"The PC market is getting too flooded with games, and it's getting harder to make a buck", according to Rob. "It's not just about money though - I'm an artist and if more people can see my creation on a console, the more fulfilled I am. Whatever we end up doing, making killer games will be the focus, gamers first. Plus one day it will be all one box that you buy at the same time with your TV, movie player and stereo, at Wal-Mart of course."

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