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Survivor combat

Due for release around the end of the year, "Survivor of the Ages" is an innovative looking 3D isometric role-playing game from Alien Logic. One of the things which looks set to make it stand out from the crowd is the game's combat system, which lead programmer Jason Richardson describes as a "cross between the intricate combat systems commonly used in fighter games, and the simple point-and-click interface common to Diablo-like RPGs".

In an interview on RPG Planet, Jason explains that "SOTA gives the player the ability to change the type of attack just by pointing the mouse at a different enemy body segment - clicking the enemy's head will toggle a high attack while clicking on the enemy's feet will togle a low attack, etc. It also allows players who are following a warrior-like class to learn special combat "abilities". These are moves that can be hot-keyed and pulled off at any time during combat. Most of these involve a multiple-hit attack, more powerful attacks, and the like. Learning and practicing these special moves will be the key to developing a good warrior."

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