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Titanium Tech

In an interview with the appropriately named "Titanium Technology" website, Mobius Technical Director Justin Johnson has talked about the Revelation engine which powers the British company's latest game, the promising looking action game "Titanium Angels". According to Justin, the engine "represents in total at least 4 years of development time", showing once again just how long it takes to develop a cutting-edge game from scratch these days.

"We anticipate using it for some time to come while keeping it up to date with technological advancements. Rendering wise, it uses variable size lightmaps and projected textures for lighting. We have an advanced shader system which is similar to the Quake 3 one but takes things a little further, a procedural texture system, and a scripted particle system. Models are skinned and some feature IK and other forms of refined bone control. The philosophy is to put as much as possible in the hands of our artists in terms of effects and polish."

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