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Angel Munoz on the CPL's future

Angel Munoz, founder of The CPL, an organisation which has run several major professional gaming events over the last few years, has spoken about how he sees the future of the company and the growth of pro-gaming as a valid sport. "This year the CPL sponsors will give away close to $250,000 in cash prizes. Next year that number will double to $500,000, and the following year it will double again to $1,000,000."

The increased level of sponsorship means that "the best players worldwide will be attracted to the sport and will be able to commit more time to practice and preparation, the top pros will make above average income, and the press will maintain its interest in our league".

Angel also confirmed that there is still a chance that a dedicated game will be made for future CPL events, saying that "we have an interested publisher and several interested developers". EuroGamer first reported on plans for a CPL game during the Razer-CPL event back in April.

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