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Bitmap Brothers on Z2

As one of the first big time British game developers the Bitmap Brothers have had their hits and misses. Games like Z, The Chaos Engine and the mighty Speedball to name a few are to the forefront of any conversation about classic games. For the last while we have not seen or herd a shocking amount about them though, that was until we herd that they had been working on sequels to both Speedball and Z.

The 3D real time strategy that shall be known as Z2 has been in development a massive 4 years. Z2 is a logical progression from Z and sticks to the original formula: a strategic arcade game that is immediate and accessible. The original game, Z was set within the Z universe, whereas Z2 defines that same universe. The territory model from the original is still used but has evolved into a resource model for the sequel.

The Adrenaline Vault asked the Bitmap Brothers about the focus of Z2, weather it will be on the action or strategic aspects the game, "People will command units using an arcade approach, but will also need to use the correct strategies to ensure their infrastructure can support their campaign and allow them to monopolize the map. Z2 is a war game; real-time decisions generate real-time consequences."

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