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Artifact bankrupt?

, who are currently working on a promising massively multiplayer RPG called Horizons, are on the verge of collapse after funding for the project fell through. In a news update on the Horizons website, Artifact CEO David Allen announced that "Horizons was supposed to be a privately funded project", but that "the funding has fallen through, and the project is now facing extinction".

"We have been in talks with a publisher for close to two months now and have just been informed that it's going to take them even longer to make their 'decision', and the problem is that we cannot last during this amount of time. We have already been privately and personally funding HORIZONS for the past 9 months. I am personally in debt for hundreds of thousands of dollars with Artifact Entertainment and trying to make this project fly."

In an interview with Horizons Vault, Artifact's James Jones admitted that "we are basically out of money and out of time", adding that "the Fat Lady has climbed up on stage, the spot light is on her, and she's clearing her throat". The interview also goes into the finances behind developing and maintaining a massively multiplayer game, and the problems of finding a publisher for one.

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