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Build It Yourself

Congratulations to Ken Silverman, the programmer behind the Build engine that powered classic games like Duke Nukem 3D and Blood, as well as not-so-classic games like Redneck Rampage and Extreme Paintbrawl. Ken has just graduated from college, and to celebrate he has released the source code for the Build engine!

If you want to dabble with the ultimate 2.5D graphics engine yourself, head over to Ken's home page and grab the "Ken Build" test game, which comes with the full source code for the engine. The test game might look rather ugly, but then Ken's a programmer not an artist, so I think we can forgive him... The whole thing weighs in at a measly 1Mb, and will run smoothly under DOS on that old heap of junk you have gathering rust in the spare room. You can download it here.

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