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PowerVR 3 graphics unveiled

have unveiled the KYRO 3D graphics card, which is based on their new PowerVR Series3 graphics chip.

As with previous PowerVR graphics cards, the KYRO 3D supports tile based rendering, which allows it to "sidestep the challenge of bandwidth and memory limitations" that hold back most other graphics cards, particularly NVIDIA's GeForce cards. Other key features include full-scene anti-aliasing, eight layer multi-texturing, Direct3D bump-mapping support, DVD assist, and support for digital flat screens.

The first generation of PowerVR cards suffered some compatability problems and were out-performed by 3dfx's Voodoo graphics cards. The second generation was seriously delayed as the company concentrated on supplying chips for Sega's Dreamcast, leaving it the PC version under-powered compared to the other cards that were available when it was finally released last year.

But this third generation of PowerVR card is due out within the next month, and is expected to cost just US$200. We should have a sample board by the end of the week, so stay tuned to EuroGamer for more information on the card and its performance! In the meantime, read the press release to find out more about the card and its features.

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