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24 Hour Allegiance Marathon

Proving that online gaming is more addictive than crack, a player by the name of "Onveric" recently organised a marathon session on Microsoft's online space combat / strategy game, Allegiance.

"I actually played a little more than 24 hours non-stop", Onveric said. "Of course there were the pauses between games to give me a chance to close my eyes for a second or stop shaking or find some food to eat. I got really hungry at 3 or 4 in the morning and ending up trying to make myself something to eat while I was a turret gunner in a bomber."

All that time in front of the monitor started to show towards the end of the game though. "As the 24 hours went on I spent a good deal of time in a [escape] pod as well", Onveric admitted. "Lucky I had a magazine to read as my pod drifted home".

To find out more, read the interview with the event's organiser on the official Allegiance website at Microsoft Games. And in related news, the Allegiance Vault has posted a tactical guide to attacking in Allegiance. "Don't play for 24 hours non-stop without eating or sleeping" isn't in the guide though, strangely enough...

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