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Graphics card jargon demystified

This week's article here on EuroGamer is "Noddy's Guide To Graphics Card Jargon", which explains what some of the key buzzwords that the graphics card industry is using really mean.

Full-scene anti-aliasing, transform & lighting, texture compression, fill rate, bump-mapping, vertex skinning, and key frame interpolation are all explained. We also take a look at the memory on your graphics card, and why the amount, type and speed of the memory is so important to your card's performance.

For the full story, read our big graphics jargon feature here on EuroGamer! And be sure to come back next week, when we will be taking a look at the latest generation of graphics cards, including NVIDIA's GeForce 2, ATI's Radeon 256, and 3dfx's Voodoo 5 amongst others...

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