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The Views

GameFan have tossed up a preview of BioWare's upcoming third-person game, MDK 2.

Unreal Universe have interviewed Jeff DeWitt, animator on Human Head's upcoming Unreal-engined third-person action/adventure game, Rune

Planet Duke, the latest site in the GameSpy universe which launched today have an interview available with 3D Realms' head honcho, George Broussard.

IGN PC have posted a review of Square Soft's recently released Role-playing game, Final Fantasy VIII along with a bunch of sweet screenshots. They gave the game 7.4 which is not an average.

CGO has posted an interview with a few guys from the Blizzard team, they are Allen Adham (Chairman of Blizzard), Mike Morhaime (President) and Frank Pearce (Senior Programmer).

Game-Over previews Westwood Studios' promising Role-playing game, Nox which should be showing up on the shelves at February 14th.

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