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The Views

Frugal's World have posted a first look at Jane's F/A-18.

System Logic have slapped up a review of Asheron's Call, the massively addictive massively multiplayer RPG from Microsoft.

GameLinks.net have reviewed the Soldier of Fortune demo. Not for the weak of heart or easily offended this one - it makes Kingpin look Mario Brothers...

IGN PC have interviewed Ken Gordon from The Collective, on the topic of their upcoming third-person action game, Deep Space Nine: The Fallen (powered by the fearsome Unreal-engine).

Daily Radar has posted a preview of Looking Glass Studios' upcoming First-person shooter, Thief 2: The Metal Age which is due for Spring 2000.

The chaps at Gamesmania have posted a preview of Westwood Studios' Role-Playing game, Nox which should be out pretty soon, as it went gold last week.

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