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The Views

GA-Source have interviewed Martin de Ronde, Producer for Digital Infinity. They talk about the upcoming 3D shoot 'em up, beat 'em up and platform action game from Digital Infinity, Knights.

3D-Unlimited and The Firingsquad has taken a peek at Looking Glass Studios' upcoming first-person shooter action/adventure game, Thief II: The Metal Age.

Actiontrip have posted a preview of Galleon from Confounding Factor.

GameSurge has put up a review of Silver, a role-playing game from Infogrames.

Daily Radar has done a preview of Activison's 3D Real-time strategy game, Star Trek: Armada.

There's a review of BattleZone II: Combat Commander over at Gamespot.

3D Palette fired of a few questions to Jason Manley of Black Isle Studios regarding the upcoming role-playing game, Icewind Dale.

The first review of Final Fantasy: VIII for the pc is available at GameFan.

Adventure Gamer has reviewed Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsens Odyssey from Adeline Software.

PsychoNews has an interview with Third Law Interactive on the subject of their upcoming game, KISS: The Psycho Circus.

VE have put up a review of Relic's 3D Real-time strategy game, Homeworld.

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