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Quake III News

A new version of QBind Free Edition has been released which adds support for Quake III Arena v1.11 Final Retail and Demo. QBind is an advanced script editor for Quake Engine games that allows scripts to be edited the way most of us are used to. QBind is aimed at advanced users who want total control of how their config is structured. However, beginners will find it very easy to use if setting up a config for the first time.

Q-Workshop 3 has posted a new level editing tutorial, which deals with stairs and it should give you a good insight to creating them.

Quake 3 Mods.net has written a new tutorial that deals with creating those lovely pits that cause you to die when you fall into them.

Q3Center have a new strategy guide available for us, this time it's a weapons guide to help you master Quake III's powerful weapons.

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