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The Views

Telefragged have reviewed Quake 3 Arena.

New site Bullfrogged have posted several interviews with several members of top British developers Bullfrog, the masterminds (?) behind recent hits Dungeon Keeper 2 and Theme Park World.

The press release happy folks at Ingava have posted a review of the Vortex 2 SQ2500 Quad PCI soundcard, one of those funky 3D positional stereo surround sound type jobs from A3D.

Frugal's World Of Simulations has posted an editorial called "You Want Me To Fly a Russian What?" about hardcore flight sims.

Challenge-US have whipped up an article about Quake 3 Arena, taking a look at the game from a pro-gamer's point of view.

PCGamers.net have posted their review of "Lara Croft in Busom Buddies". Sorry, that should have read "Tomb Raider 4 : The Last Revelation". I don't know what came over me...

3D Wars have written an article comparing PC133 and DR-DRAM, for those of you looking for some fancy memory for your new computer.

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