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Arms update adds plenty while removing the most controversial stage from ranked play


Arms version 2.0, the biggest update to Nintendo's Switch exclusive, is now live, bringing with it a suite of big changes and addition.

New character Max Brass - who previously served as one of the bosses in the single-player Grand Prix mode - is the headline, but he's joined by an all-new mode, as revealed by Eurogamer yesterday. It's based around Hedlok, Arms' other boss character, and sees players fighting to take possession of the character before turning on their opponents.

Max Brass also introduces three new Arms into the game, with the Nade, Roaster and Kablammer all now added. Most importantly, though, Arms has an all-new title screen.

And most excitingly, stats are now also tracked, with an option to see who your favourite fighter is, how accurate you are with certain Arms and plenty more added to the homescreen. Finally, there's now the option to opt in to official Arms online events.

The best news, though? The controversial Snake Park, Kid Cobra's home stage which saw players ping about on spinners, has been taken out of rotation in ranked play, which is reason enough to rejoice. You can see the full changelog over here.

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