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Are these Grand Theft Auto V domains?

"Boobstop", "pregnantandalone", etc.

Another 100 website addresses tenuously linked to Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto V have been found.

A member of the GTA Forums unearthed them by Whois querying grandtheftauto5.com and then cross-referencing the DNS IP.

We can't find anything beyond the DNS IP linking the domains to Rockstar. Nevertheless, Rockstar used similar spoof websites to tease Grand Theft Auto IV, and the company has already been linked with a handful of similar-sounding URLs.

From the new batch (if treated as gospel), further potential GTAV clues can be gleaned.

"Californiahomesbyowner.com" strengthens the likely Hollywood, California setting. East Coast states North/South Carolina are also alluded to through "carolinabrokers.com" and "myrtlebeachattorney.com" - the latter being a beach in South Carolina.

"thebetter.com", "themaniacs.com", "thetangible.com", "thewhitefox.com" could be gang names.

"babehardcore.com", "boobstop.com" and "sexomy.com" could be strip clubs or pornography shops/in-game websites, and "f*ckyew.com" could refer to a naturism brothel - at least it could in my head.

Grand Theft Auto V chatter has ramped up of late. Earlier this month the game's possible codename Rush was spilled via a Hollywood casting call. This also provided information on what could be the game's core characters.

Before that, stuntman Declan Mulvey mentioned Grand Theft Auto V on his CV - a headline-making accreditation he later passed off as a typo.

Grand Theft Auto IV was released almost three years ago. Is now the right time to announce a fifth pillar game? If yes, then this summer's E3 provides the perfect platform for a reveal.

Those 100 newly discovered Rockstar-registered domains are:

  • accesseverywhere.com
  • amourdelumiere.com
  • animalway.com
  • auctiondesigner.com
  • auto4less.com
  • automaticwebsite.com
  • babehardcore.com
  • baitman.com
  • bicyclecommuter.com
  • boobstop.com
  • bunnyhop.com
  • californiahomesbyowner.com
  • carolinabrokers.com
  • carskates.com
  • chatevent.com
  • consumerresource.com
  • cookinganything.com
  • couchparty.com
  • cthreeracing.com
  • cytech.net
  • digitalvilla.com
  • dollarworks.com
  • drcarlton.com
  • edrugs.com
  • electronicmortgage.com
  • famouszone.com
  • flowpress.com
  • frk.net
  • f*ckyew.com
  • fun-gifts.com
  • getamexican.com
  • holidayalbums.com
  • host100.idolls.com
  • icekeeper.com
  • idolls.com
  • imforwards.com
  • indepthappraising.com
  • justcanoe.com
  • keyflash.com
  • kidsfitclub.com
  • loadoffmymind.com
  • loanillinois.com
  • mail.baitman.com
  • mail.indepthappraising.com
  • mail.neighborhoodconnection.com
  • mail.pregnantandalone.com
  • mail.tonage.com
  • majesticgifts.com
  • majorflava.com
  • mundoradical.com
  • mx1.sexomy.com
  • myrtlebeachattorney.com
  • neighborhoodconnection.com
  • nobodyneedstoknow.com
  • ns.indepthappraising.com
  • ns.keyflash.com
  • outrageouslife.com
  • personnelindia.com
  • photoandvideo.com
  • pokerpath.com
  • pregnantandalone.com
  • quickwebpage.com
  • raceing.com
  • racenet.net
  • ratehosts.com
  • repwire.com
  • resold.com
  • restaurantlocator.net
  • scrollsign.com
  • sexomy.com
  • shopntrade.com
  • sitepioneer.com
  • sportshealthcenter.com
  • stacysmail.com
  • stickerstore.com
  • stopfraud.com
  • studyabroad.net
  • swati1.resold.com
  • thebetter.com
  • themaniacs.com
  • thetangible.com
  • thewhitefox.com
  • thisdomainname.com
  • tonage.com
  • ultimatecases.com
  • vs.finalconnection.com
  • websitesaver.com
  • webspool.com
  • westernescapes.com
  • whattheysay.com
  • www.babehardcore.com
  • www.bicyclecommuter.com
  • www.bunnyhop.com
  • www.carskates.com
  • www.dollarworks.com
  • www.kidsfitclub.com
  • www.mundoradical.com
  • www.shopntrade.com
  • www.westernescapes.com
  • wwwracing.com

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