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11 April 2007

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Second Opinion of a Newcomer.

Excite Truck

This isn't such a shabby game

Final Fantasy XII

FFXII - most under appreciated game ever?

Theme Park

The happiest place on earth.

Ridge Racer 7

Rebel Without Applause

Samurai Warriors 2 Empires

It's not as bad as you seem to think.

Final Fantasy XII

FFXII Review

1 October 1999

30 September 1999

Shadow Man

Gestalt takes a look at Acclaim's latest offering, the third person voodoo fest Shadow Man.

29 September 1999

FeatureRitual Entertainment

Robert Atkins and Tom Mustaine of Ritual Entertainment take time out from working on "Heavy Metal : FAKK2" to talk to EuroGamer.

28 September 1999

27 September 1999

FeatureQuake Across The Ocean

A comparison of the UK and US Quake scenes, through the eyes of someone who has lived in both countries.

26 September 1999

25 September 1999

24 September 1999

23 September 1999

Belinea 106020 19" Monitor

Mine's bigger than yours - Gestalt reviews the 19" Belinea monitor.

22 September 1999

21 September 1999

FeatureBattleZone II

Travel to strange alien planets, meet interesting bio-mechanical life-forms, and blow them up.

20 September 1999

FeatureUKPCGC Finals coverage

Full coverage from the UK PC Gaming Championship finals in London, including reports from many of the key matches...

19 September 1999

17 September 1999

16 September 1999


EuroGamer takes a closer look at Appeal's voxel-powered adventure game, Outcast. launch

Gestalt recovers from his hangover long enough to bring you a report on last night's launch party for!

15 September 1999

14 September 1999

Feature3dfx "Napalm"

Is 3dfx's next graphics card going to set the world on fire? Gestalt investigates...

13 September 1999

FeatureECTS '99 Wrap Up

Almost a week has passed since the end of ECTS, and Gestalt has finally recovered enough to wrap up the event's coverage here on EuroGamer...

12 September 1999

FeatureECTS '99 Awards

Gestalt lays off the crack pipe and unveils EuroGamer's pick of the show.

11 September 1999

FeatureGeForce 256

Gestalt takes a look at NVIDIA's next generation graphics card, the GeForce 256, which was launched in Europe at a press conference during ECTS.

10 September 1999

FeatureTeam Fortress 2

What's this? Brotherhood Of Arms? Isn't that a Dire Straits song? Gestalt investigates...

FeatureCommand & Conquer : Renegade

On Tuesday afternoon Gestalt infiltrated Westwood's heavily defended base at ECTS, examined Renegade up close, and then half-inched their last press CD... Here's his report.

9 September 1999

FeatureStar Trek : New Worlds

It's a Star Trek game Jim, but not as we know it...


Kurt is back in his tight black rubber stealth suit, and this time he's brought the Doc and Max the dog along for the ride...


Messiah puts in its second appearance at ECTS, this year with more content and less hype. Is it worth the wait?

8 September 1999

FeatureActivision 2000

A look at Dark Reign II, Soldier Of Fortune, and Vampire, three of Activision's games due for release next year.

FeatureHeavy Metal : FAKK2

Ritual in game featuring well endowed woman shocker!

7 September 1999

FeatureKISS : Psycho Circus

A first person shooter based on a dodgy old heavy metal band... Is it as bad as it sounds?

6 September 1999

FeatureGrand Theft Auto 2

Prepare yourselves for a wave of moral outrage from the newspapers and politicians - Grand Theft Auto 2 is about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public!

FeatureX-Com Alliance

Microprose take the classic X-Com series into first person shooter territory.

FeatureUnreal Tournament UK Launch Party coverage

The big party on Sunday night was the Dreamcast launch. Unfortunately we didn't have tickets for that, so instead we went to the Unreal Tournament press event at The Playing Fields...

FeatureWarcraft III

The full scoop on Warcraft III : Reign Of Chaos, announced by Blizzard at ECTS on Sunday.

5 September 1999

FeatureECTS Preview

An introduction to ECTS, Europe's biggest computer games trade show, and what you can expect from our live coverage of the event over the next three days!

4 September 1999

FeatureEuroGamer opens!

The latest site for gaming news, previews, reviews and features is live!

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