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Update 26/02/2018: We are about to head into March and video game releases are coming whether we are ready for them are not. Dark Souls Remastered is on the way, Metal Gear Survive is already out and we have Far Cry 5, Detective Pikachu and more to look forward to in March. In this post, we've gathered up the very best Xbox One deals available right now, so let's check them out.

Rime has seen more than its fair share of reversals: an open world platform-puzzler from Tequila Works set on a deserted tropical island, it was originally pitched as an Xbox One exclusive, then scooped up as one of PS4's headline indie titles, only to be cast adrift a couple of years later. Save for a slightly rocky frame-rate on Xbox One, however, it's shaping up rather well. As the game begins, your character, a mop-headed youth in rags, awakens on a balmy shore studded with enormous marble ruins. Wandering along the beach past milling gulls and fretful crabs, you discover an inlet leading to a wooded dell. At its centre, the curiously lifelike statue of a fox.