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Continuing the trend of US-based retailers announcing their Black Friday deals ahead of the event itself, Staples' has now announced a nice big batch of its upcoming Black Friday deals, including discounts on Amazon Alexa enabled devices (such as the Echo, Dot, etc) as well as Apple iPads, HP laptops and more.

My word game rage shame

Hell hath no fury like Ellie Gibson losing at Scrabble.

Earlier this month I became a published author. Don't worry, this isn't about to become a thousand-word plug for my book, which is out now on Amazon for barely a fiver, and consistently receiving glowing reviews. (Sample: "Literally the best book i have ever written. 7/10" - Ellie Gibson)

The case for a video game musical

Here's to the fools who dream.

After years and years of protestation, I have something to admit: I bloody love musicals. I'm not sure why I've felt it hard to tell people about my love of a good old-fashioned story-driven sing-song - it's probably a combination of schoolyard intimidation and terrible memories of one production of Yeoman Of The Guard.

Xbox Holiday Update out now, adds Clubs

Along with Looking For Group feature and Achievement Rarity.

The new Xbox Holiday Update has arrived for Xbox One along with the Xbox app for Windows 10 and mobile devices, bringing about many features teased at E3.

Watch Pokémon GO parodied by Square Enix

From the creators of Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO.

Square Enix Montréal, the developer of Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO, and the upcoming Deus Ex GO, has released the following short video of what its version of Pokémon GO might have looked like:

Minecraft will no longer allow companies to promote products in-game

But fans can still pay tribute to their outside interests.

Minecraft developer Mojang is cracking down on the sorts of creations people erect in its procedurally-generated sandbox. The gist is that people can still make whatever they want, unless it's specifically to promote an unrelated product. That's now against the user guidelines.

Fruit Ninja is being made into a live-action film

Here's hoping it's not a lemon.

If you thought the Tetris movie (I'm sorry, Tetris trilogy) was a stretch, well here's another one for you. Fruit Ninja, the mobile hit about slicing fruit by swiping on a touch screen, is likewise getting the silver screen treatment.

Zelda's browser-based fan remake shut down by Nintendo

Devs will re-release it without Nintendo assets.

Earlier this week a couple of hardcore Zelda fans put up a browser-based remake of the original The Legend of Zelda made with voxels to commemorate the series' 30th anniversary. Now that fan tribute has been removed due to Nintendo issuing a copyright strike.

The truth about cats and dogs (playing video games)

An investigation into games for pets.

When video games breached people's homes in the late 70s they were considered a toy for children. As time's moved on much of society has acclimated to the idea that they're for adults too. Nowadays with a smartphone in everyone's pocket it's not unusual to see a senior citizen engage in a quick game of Words with Friends or a toddler poking around with Tiny Wings. But why stop at humans? If games are truly for everybody, shouldn't we bring our cherished pastimes to our pals in the animal kingdom?

Twisted Pixel breaks away from Microsoft

Will finally be able to make multiplatform games.

Twisted Pixel - developer of 'Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, The Gunstringer and Lococycle - has parted ways with Microsoft, who acquired the studio in October 2011.

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