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1 March 2017

Digital FoundryNintendo Switch review

Digital Foundry presents its complete technical breakdown of the new console.

The Nintendo 64 turns 20 in Europe

Overpriced cartridges and a slim launch lineup. Never again, they said.

28 February 2017

Starbound developer's Advance Wars-like Wargroove headed to Nintendo Switch

Plus: SteamWorld Dig 2! Runner 3! Stardew Valley co-op!

27 February 2017

Minecraft has smashed 120m copies milestone

55m monthly players - and growing.

25 February 2017

Digital FoundryNew performance mode boosts Switch mobile clocks by 25 per cent

Digital Foundry on how developers can access more Switch GPU power, plus analysis of the recent teardown.

Jelly DealsJelly Deals roundup: Hitman, Battlefield 1, Mass Effect Trilogy and more

Plus: that MicroSD card you'll definitely need for your Nintendo Switch.

24 February 2017

Snipperclips now a Nintendo Switch launch title

UPDATE: Retail bundle with Joy-Con saves £13.

FeatureA complete history of Nintendo console launches

And what they can tell us about Switch.

23 February 2017

VideoWe finally unbox the Nintendo Switch

Plus: Digital Foundry's first impressions.

Nintendo Switch won't have Virtual Console at launch

eShop indie game presentation dated for next week.

22 February 2017

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ will no longer be a Switch launch title

But it's still coming in March, and includes a 20-page instruction booklet.

21 February 2017

18 February 2017

FeatureAll work and no play

In praise of video game rest.

17 February 2017

Nintendo Switch eShop will finally link purchases to accounts, not consoles

“It will be possible to redownload any software or DLC."

16 February 2017

Nintendo Switch is getting one of 2016's best multiplayer games

Ultimate Chicken Horse also coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

15 February 2017

The new Konami is doing very well indeed

Profits up in the post-Hideo Kojima world.

14 February 2017

13 February 2017

Splatoon 2 getting Switch demo in March

Will give you an inkling of what's to come.

10 February 2017

Skylanders franchise kept alive, but no new game this year

More Imaginators content and toys, plus a mobile spin-off instead.

Why Valve has no interest in making console games

"We love the PC right now. A lot."

9 February 2017

Watch Dogs 2 had "soft" launch sales but Ubisoft happy with franchise

Just four big game launches next year to focus on live game support.

8 February 2017

E3 2017 will open its doors to public for first time

15,000 tickets on sale Monday, priced $150/$250.

7 February 2017

6 February 2017

4 February 2017

3 February 2017

Nintendo Switch hands-on tour heads to the UK

Limited spaces available in Birmingham, Manchester, London.

2 February 2017

FeatureThe safest pair of hands in video games

A snapshot of Sumo Digital as it prepares to step out of the shadows.

1 February 2017

Sumo Digital's Snake Pass is coming to Switch

Slithering out alongside PS4, Xbox One and PC versions.

31 January 2017

Super Mario Run hits 78m downloads

Around 4m paid for it.

26 January 2017

25 January 2017

24 January 2017

23 January 2017

22 January 2017

21 January 2017

20 January 2017

Nintendo Switch won't have any video apps at launch

Miis will be supported, but not required.

19 January 2017

FeatureThe big Zelda: Breath of the Wild interview

Eiji Aonuma on how Zelda made the Switch, and how female Link was briefly considered.

18 January 2017

There's a new Fire Emblem coming to the 3DS this year

And a new Switch Fire Emblem coming in 2018.

Zelda fans uncover Breath of the Wild backstory from Special Edition map

Runes translated from Sheikah to Japanese to English.

17 January 2017

16 January 2017

Nintendo: Switch launch day "not be-all and end-all"

Fans "hoping there's a GameCube Virtual Console".

14 January 2017

13 January 2017

Nintendo Switch won't use StreetPass or Miiverse

Will support existing social media platforms instead.