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29 May 2020

28 May 2020

Fortnite's new season hit by another delay

Upcoming story event also struck.

FeatureStargazing with Celeste in Animal Crossing

The owl who wasn't afraid of the dark.

27 May 2020

26 May 2020

Jelly DealsSanDisk memory cards discounted in Amazon sale

Get a 256GB SanDisk Extreme UHS-3 card for £50.

Minecraft Dungeons Achievements list

A list of all the Achievements available in Minecraft Dungeons for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Minecraft Dungeons The Nameless One strategy

How to defeat the challenging boss encounter.

Minecraft Dungeons Enderman strategy

How to survive these tricky mini-boss encounters.

25 May 2020

24 May 2020

23 May 2020

FeatureWhy I was so late to the new Animal Crossing

Let's not hear it for the band.

22 May 2020

Risk of Rain 2 leaving early access in August

Delayed to deliver a "truly a complete game experience".

Civilization 6 Gran Colombia: Simón Bolívar leader bonuses, unique units and buildings detailed

All the info you need on the Gran Colombia leader Simón Bolívar in Civ 6.

Civilization 6 Maya: Lady Six Sky leader bonuses, unique units and buildings detailed

All the info you need on the Mayan leader Lady Six Sky in Civ 6.

FeatureClash of Fans was a lovely surprise for us

From Dawn of War to Runescape.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Academy: HHA ranks, HHA score and rewards explained

How to make the perfect home layout in New Horizons.

Fortnite will debut new trailer for Christopher Nolan's next film Tenet

UPDATE: Full Nolan film to screen in-game this summer.

21 May 2020

20 May 2020

Jelly DealsThe Nintendo Switch has popped up back in stock

It's available now at Amazon - but probably not for long.

LEGO Mario can suit up as Cat Mario and more

Four additional Power-Up Packs sold separately.

19 May 2020

Normal People stars join Mario Kart tournament for CALM

Raising money for mental health helpline during lockdown.

18 May 2020

FeatureIntroducing Clash of Fans week

Starting with mud and cards.

17 May 2020

Feature29 years on, has Final Fantasy broken the spell of Active Time Battle?

A deep dive into how Square Enix's flagship series models time.

16 May 2020

15 May 2020

14 May 2020

Nintendo Switch upcoming 2020 games list, plus all Switch Online NES and SNES games listed

Upcoming Switch games - from third-parties to Switch Online games - on the way.

13 May 2020

In Mortal Kombat 11, RoboCop enlists the help of ED-209

You have 20 seconds to Finish Him!

12 May 2020

Harvest Moon: One World heading to Switch later this year

And this time you can explore "an entire world".

11 May 2020

Star Wars Episode I: Racer remaster gets another delay on Switch and PS4

Due to "ongoing work from home requirements".

The best Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch 2020

The biggest storage upgrades at the best prices.

Digital FoundrySanDisk Micro SD cards drop to their lowest prices since February

Plus: Excellent deals on USB hard drives and the Surface Book 2.

10 May 2020

9 May 2020

8 May 2020

7 May 2020

Animal Crossing, Pokémon provide Nintendo Switch sales boom

But company warns of caution for coming year.

6 May 2020

EA will launch 14 games this year, with "multiple" for Switch

Some games will be "upgraded free" next gen.

5 May 2020

FeatureThe lure of a good spaceport

So much more than scum and villainy.

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