Reviews Archive Page 65

1 February 2000

Codename Eagle

Mission-based action game reviewed

27 January 2000

Creatures 3

Life Simulator reviewed

20 January 2000

MS Sidewinder Dual Strike

MS gamepad reviewed

18 January 2000

Interstate '82

80's follow-up to I'76 reviewed, ya dig?

15 January 2000

Planescape Torment

Dark fantasy RPG reviewed

13 January 2000

MS IntelliMouse With IntelliEye

Optical mouse reviewed

8 January 2000

Asheron's Call

Massively multiplayer RPG reviewed

6 January 2000

F/A-18E SuperHornet

Flight sim reviewed

4 January 2000

Urban Chaos

Third person shooter reviewed

25 December 1999

Creative Labs Annihilator Pro

GeForce DDR video card reviewed

23 December 1999

Gabriel Knight 3

3D adventure game reviewed

21 December 1999

Railroad Tycoon 2 Gold Edition

Railway strategy game reviewed

18 December 1999


Ancient Egypt meets Sim City

16 December 1999

Quake 3 Arena

id's latest reviewed

14 December 1999

Championship Manager : 99/00

Soccer management game reviewed

11 December 1999

Elsa Erazor III Pro Video

Elsa's TNT2 Pro graphics card reviewed

9 December 1999


Hoverboard game reviewed

7 December 1999

Quake 3 Arena (First Look)

First look at id's latest

4 December 1999

Unreal Tournament

Epic's multiplayer meisterwerk reviewed

2 December 1999

Half-Life : Opposing Force

Half-Life mission pack reviewed

30 November 1999

Age Of Wonders

Turn-based strategy game reviewed

25 November 1999

Edgar Torronteras Extreme Biker

"Edgar Torronteras Extreme Biker" reviewed

23 November 1999

Videologic Speakers

Two sets of high quality speakers reviewed.

20 November 1999

Thief Gold

The best game of 1998 reappears with three new levels and a budget price tag. Is it too good to be true?

18 November 1999

Flanker 2.0

Your chance to fly the Su27 Flanker, one of Russia's most advanced aircraft.

16 November 1999


"Seven stories around the theme of Temptation".

12 November 1999

Nomad Soul

Soul transfer initiated. Welcome to Omikron.

9 November 1999

Age of Empires II : Age of Kings

EuroGamer takes a look at "Age of Empires II : Age of Kings", a medieval flavoured real time strategy game.

5 November 1999

Videologic Neon 250

Based on the fabled PowerVR series2 chip, does it live up to expectations?

2 November 1999

Rainbow Six : Rogue Spear

The latest tactical shooter from Tom Clancy and the boys at Red Storm.

26 October 1999


Taking strategy into the third dimension.

21 October 1999

X : Beyond The Frontier

Another futile attempt to recreate Elite falls flat on its face.

15 October 1999

Freespace 2

One small step for space combat sims, or a giant leap for PC gaming? Find out for yourself with our exclusive Freespace 2 review!

7 October 1999

Warhammer 40k : Rites Of War

Gestalt puts away his paint pots and little plastic soldiers long enough to review "Warhammer 40k : Rites Of War"...

30 September 1999

Shadow Man

Gestalt takes a look at Acclaim's latest offering, the third person voodoo fest Shadow Man.

23 September 1999

Belinea 106020 19" Monitor

Mine's bigger than yours - Gestalt reviews the 19" Belinea monitor.

16 September 1999


EuroGamer takes a closer look at Appeal's voxel-powered adventure game, Outcast.

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