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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - Portable perfection

“Peace won't just come to us. We are going to have to meet it halfway.”

For most of Peace Walker's development, and even in early US promotional material, this 2010 PSP title had a grander designation - Metal Gear Solid 5: Peace Walker. The absence of a number on the final product can be put down to a hundred things: simple rejection of a 'main' entry being a portable title; the PSP itself entering its final years; perhaps a concern that series fans would revolt at the radical departure from Metal Gear Solid 4. Whatever it was, that number's existence says one thing about Kojima Productions' mindset with Peace Walker. This is no spin-off.

Digital FoundryFace-Off: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One compared with the Japan-only PSP original.

It may not seem like it at first glance, but Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is one of the most ambitious remasters we've played. The gap has never been so wide - porting from the almost eleven-year-old PSP hardware with its sub-PS2 spec is a gargantuan task and one that Hexadrive hasn't taken lightly. The talented Japanese development house has crafted a new engine with features rivalling any other modern renderer on the market today, with Square-Enix handling the spruced-up assets. The final product is a mixed bag, but the sheer number of technical accomplishments on hand is very impressive.

In media Rez: the return of Tetsuya Mizuguchi

From Sega Rally to Child of Eden, the past, present and future of the influential designer.

In the sweat mist of a late 90s techno hall, Tetsuya Mizuguchi got his first glimpse of what would become his life's work. The young Japanese designer, still fresh from the success of creating one of Sega's biggest arcade hits, found himself on a balcony at Zurich's Street Parade - an offshoot of Berlin's celebrated Love Parade - watching out over a crowd lost to the rhythm. "This DJ is playing, and 100,000 people are moving with the music. The sound changed, and the movement changed. I watched from the top, and was like 'wow, what is this?'" What if you could play this, Mizuguchi thought to himself. What if he could turn this into a game?

The bonkers ads of PlayStation

PSone turns 20 tomorrow. Reminisce with fancy marketing.

The PSone turns 20 tomorrow, 3rd December 2014, and to mark the occasion Sony has re-released a raft of its PlayStation adverts.

Sony won't renew FIFA sponsorship contract

Decision comes amid growing concern over corruption.

PlayStation maker Sony will not renew its sponsorship of football world governing body FIFA amid growing concern over corruption, according to multiple reports.

The recent, unexpected and utterly delightful arrival of Valkyria Chronicles on PC has set me wondering about curious fate of Sega's franchise. It's a series that's garnered a passionate and loyal fan base thanks to the 2008 PS3 original, which won as many hearts with its colourful cast and timeless painterly aesthetic as it did minds with its quirky strategic action. Yet the chronicles of Valkyria seem to have played out in reverse and, through no fault of their own, suffered a demoralising downward spiral of devolution.

Do you like quirky things? Do you like saving money? Good news! To celebrate 10 years of bringing weird and wonderful Japanese games to a wider audience, publisher Rising Star has announced an anniversary sale over on the PlayStation Store.

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