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25 April 2019


Digital FoundryDays Gone tech analysis: Bend Studios' Unreal world under the microscope

Sony developers using Epic's engine deliver a very different open world.

20 April 2019


FeatureThe mysterious world of Las Meninas

A quick look at a masterpiece.

19 April 2019

15 April 2019

14 April 2019


Sony's latest PSVR patent wants to put an avatar of you in your friends' games

A second patent explores "anchoring" PSVR spectators at live events.


Sony no longer bans accounts for having offensive PSN IDs

Inappropriate names will be swapped for a temporary, inoffensive one instead.


Report: Sony stopped Bungie's plans to add cross-platform character transfer to Destiny 2

"We want people to associate Destiny with PS4 even if that means screwing over other players."

13 April 2019

12 April 2019

9 April 2019

8 April 2019

7 April 2019


Ubisoft investigates reports signature ammo isn't dropping in The Division 2

"Specialist ammo to drop is as rare as finding a Legendary drop in Anthem ;-;"


Early-quit penalties are coming to Apex Legends

But the feature shouldn't have gone live with Update 1.1.


Digital FoundryAssassin's Creed 3 Remastered delivers more than just a resolution boost

Visual and performance upgrades plus gameplay improvements.

6 April 2019

5 April 2019

4 April 2019

3 April 2019

1 April 2019

31 March 2019


This may or may not be new footage of the Ichiban Kasuga Yakuza game

Reporting anything on/around April Fool's is a nightmare, tbqh.


Driveclub servers will shut down in March 2020

DLC will be available until 31st August.

29 March 2019

28 March 2019

26 March 2019

25 March 2019

24 March 2019


One more character will drop before the end of Apex Legends' first battle pass season

"Two new characters will launch over the course of the season."


FeatureUncanny games with hidden rooms

Five and a half minute hallway.

23 March 2019

21 March 2019

19 March 2019

18 March 2019

17 March 2019

16 March 2019

13 March 2019


FeatureHow language shapes the way we play

On the importance of localisation.

11 March 2019

10 March 2019

9 March 2019

8 March 2019

7 March 2019


Digital FoundryDevil May Cry 5: a spectacular fusion of cutting-edge tech and superb design

Plus: everything you need to know about every console version.

6 March 2019


FeatureHere's all we learnt after three hours playing Days Gone

All-new gameplay, plus an interview with creative director John Garvin.

4 March 2019

3 March 2019


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition comes to PC and PS4 next month

"A variety of characters and weapons are also available for individual purchase."


FeatureThe devil within: Hideaki Itsuno on 25 years at Capcom

The man behind Dragon's Dogma, Darkstalkers, Rival Schools and so much more looks back on his career.

1 March 2019

25 February 2019


Digital FoundryIs Anthem performance really improved in the final game?

And to what extent is the E3 2017 vision actually delivered?

24 February 2019

21 February 2019

17 February 2019

16 February 2019


Digital FoundryMetro Exodus: a vision for the future of graphics technology

Impressive on consoles, but PC is a genuine game-changer.

14 February 2019

11 February 2019

10 February 2019


Digital FoundryApex Legends: the Titanfall 2 engine evolved?

PC and console versions under the microscope.

9 February 2019

6 February 2019

5 February 2019

3 February 2019


VideoRed Matter is PSVR's best 'escape room' game to date

Yuri Gargarin to be amazed at how immersive it is.

2 February 2019

30 January 2019

29 January 2019

27 January 2019

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