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26 January 2022

Digital Foundry | Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves - how PS5 improves upon a last-gen masterpiece

Enhanced visuals and 120fps gaming headline an impressive upgrade.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 reports spark fan concern over what may be left behind

"Completely new game" said to ditch last-gen consoles.

25 January 2022

EA confirms three new Star Wars games in development at Respawn

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel, new FPS and new strategy game.

Final Fantasy 14 back on sale later this month

UPDATE: Oceania data centre now open.

24 January 2022

Here's another extended look at Elden Ring

Reducing player stress was a major focus.

Watch Dogs Legion will no longer be updated

Previous multiplayer seasons will repeat.

Yakuza creator Nagoshi details new NetEase studio

"I wanted to do something different."

23 January 2022

Another Wraith portal glitch has been discovered in Apex Legends

And players can even perfect this exploit in the firing range.

Grid Legends drops new Story Mode video teaser

And the story mode is called "Driven to Glory".

22 January 2022

Arcane's Vi is coming to Fortnite later today

Plus Jinx will be back in the Item Shop, too.

21 January 2022

QA testers at Activision Blizzard's Raven Software announce intent to unionise

"We ask that...leadership voluntarily recognise our union and respect our right to organise without retaliation or interference".

Blizzard boss lays out plan to "rebuild trust"

"2021 was challenging for all of us."

Xbox boss keen to revive dormant Activision franchises

"I was looking at the IP list, I mean, let's go!"

Feature | What we've been playing

A few of the games that have us hooked at the moment.

20 January 2022

Shenmue animated series gets February release date

Available via Adult Swim and Crunchyroll.

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