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11 September 2002

Project Nomads

Hands On - we take CDV's action-strategy game for a spin

Konami to develop Ninja Turtles games

Based on a new TV series

10 September 2002

Chris Ryan is going in, says Codemasters

Former SAS operative becomes IGI 2 consultant

FeatureShowtime in Japan, Tokyo Game Show 2002

Article - we look ahead to this year's Tokyo Game Show and examine the various games on display

Shadowbane held back

Massively multiplayer game slips to 2003

9 September 2002

2003: Conquest Of America

Cossacks follow-up coming early next year

8 September 2002

Blizzard gets tough with cheats

20,000 players kicked off Battle.net ladder - ouch

6 September 2002

Morrowind expands

Tribunal add-on confirmed

The Face Escape

Your chance to be the cooler king

What's New

Summer's over - games galore


Review - the mob's answer to Grand Theft Auto falls flat on its face

Zelenhgorm: The Great Shipping

Weird Swedish adventure game soon to be available

5 September 2002

Nomads demo

Fly the friendly skies ahead of action-strategy release


We take a look at Arxel Tribe's baffling action RPG

Sudden Strike 2

Review - more World War II strategy from CDV and Fireglow

4 September 2002

Golden Divinity

Divine role-playing game on the way

3 September 2002

Presto shuts down

Myst III developers "lose passion" and close up shop

Game On for Edinburgh

Videogames exhibition goes to Royal Museum in Scotland

Frontline Competition

World War II strategy games get closer to release

Microsoft gets budget range

Ubi Soft to relaunch classic Microsoft PC games

NVIDIA drivers officially updated

Detonator 40 hits the net

Big Scale Racing

Hands-On - small cars mean serious fun in this RC racing simulator

R.C. Cars

Hands-On - motorised mayhem on a miniature scale

2 September 2002

ECTS - 3DO round-up

More than just Army Men

FeatureMike Simpson of Creative Assembly

Interview - Creative Assembly tell us all about Medieval: Total War

Say hello to Meg

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your console...

1 September 2002

EuroGamer Radeonates ECTS visitors

Competition winners announced

FeatureFour Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

An adult-oriented action game from 3DO - who woulda thunk it?

That's a wrap

Looks like we've made it to the end

31 August 2002

Arxel's Tribe

We're having an old friend for dinner


Russian publisher shows off line-up

30 August 2002


First Look - we take a peek at another Unreal-engined shooter

ECTS Awards announced

Splinter Cell wins Best of Show

Dino Dini gets his foot back on the ball

An illustrious career picks up from where it left off

TFI Friday at ECTS 2002

Awards, tournaments and more games than you can shake a particularly ornate stick at


Another innovative first person game emerges from the Ukraine

FeatureCharles Cecil of Revolution

Interview - Revolution boss Charles Cecil discusses his latest Broken Sword adventure

FeatureThorsten Feld of CDV

Interview - we talk to CDV producer Thorsten Feld about strategy sequel Sudden Strike II

29 August 2002

Bandits at ECTS

Mad Max 'em up has us Grinning

FeatureBroken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Our first peek at the latest in the million-selling adventure game series

Guns, guts and prancing platformers from Ubi Soft

Splinter Cell, XIII, Raven Shield and Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

FeatureThe Y-Project

All the latest on Westka's spectacular Unreal-engined shooter

Race Tracks Unlimited

First Look - build your own motor racing circuit

Intel show latest CPUs

Case mods and Unreal Tourney .. again

Operation Flashpoint strikes again

New "ultimate compendium" on the way

28 August 2002

RoboForge gets European release date

Despite having been around for almost as long as us

NVIDIA Tournament 2002

Games galore on NVIDIA's ECTS stand

FeatureECTS 2002 - Konami

ECTS Preview - so, what delights can we expect from Konami this year?

ECTS takes shape, and so do we

Europe's biggest computer trade show kicks off in less than 24 hours

Sam & Max Hit the Road for sequel

For once, a genuinely long-awaited return

Bandits surrounded

Matrox brings a GRIN to ECTS

27 August 2002

Frontline Attack: War Over Europe

Hands-On - we take the new World War II real-time strategy game for a pre-release spin

26 August 2002

Xenus at ECTS

More East European shooters infiltrate show

FeatureECTS 2002 - Independent Developers Preview

ECTS Preview - some of the highlights we expect to see from independent developers at ECTS

Russians invade ECTS

1C Company line up eastern delights for trade show

FeatureBen Simpson of Nicely Crafted Entertainment

Interview - we talk to NiCE about their recently launched online strategy game Time Of Defiance

24 August 2002


Quick Take - who would've thought that playing with fairies could be this fun?

23 August 2002

Techland polishes Chrome for ECTS

Polish developer to show Chrome, Mutants and more

FeatureECTS 2002 - Acclaim

ECTS Preview - the best bits of Acclaim's ECTS presence

What's New

Release drought ended by TOCA, Zoo Cube and more!

Defender of the Stooges

First two remastered Cinemaware games get re-release

22 August 2002

Davilex gets KITT KARR

Knight Rider coming to PC and PS2

Worlds Apart GURPS

Modular RPG rule set gets videogame adaptation(s)

21 August 2002

Ghost Recon goes to Cuba

Nice cigars, pity about the drugs cartel

Sum Of All Fears

Review - Rainbow Six, only cheaper, shorter and without the feeling

Hitman 2 demo .. gone

You could have taken the new stealth action game for a spin, if you'd been faster

FeatureECTS 2002 - Ubi Soft

ECTS Preview - some of the games we'll be seeing on Ubi Soft's stand at ECTS 2002

20 August 2002

IL-2 and a bit

Ubi Soft to release massive upgrade for flight sim

Bruce Lee comes to .. Bradford?!?

Exclusive showing of new Xbox game at Bruce Lee convention

No Name War

First Look - we examine this gorgeous looking 3D real-time strategy game

Xicat goes Sniping

New Lithtech shooter announced

19 August 2002

Wednesday is Time Of Defiance

Massively multiplayer strategy game launches

18 August 2002

16 August 2002

Online Battlefield 1942

Multiplayer demo now available

Celtic Kings demo released

Try out the new role-playing strategy game

What's New

Absolutely nothing, apparently

15 August 2002