PC Archive Page 537

11 March 2001

Gore Blimey!

4D Rulers release the multiplayer demo of their aspiring 3D shooter

10 March 2001

Serious Sam : First Encounter

Review - Gestalt gets serious with the anarchic new first person shooter from Croatia

June on Dune

Emperor : Battle for Dune set for June release

9 March 2001

FeaturePeter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios - Part Two

Interview - the second part of our interview with Peter Molyneux, this time covering the final stages of Black & White's development and the various console ports

Brom comes to life after death

Necrocide to feature artwork from the famous fantasy painter

Virgin plies new depths

"Daily Sport Football Strip" turns out to be exactly what we feared it would be

8 March 2001

nVidia ship new MX chips

Are the market leaders rattled by the announcement of Radeon VE?

ATI ships Radeon VE

Budget chipset with multi-monitor support hits the market

7 March 2001

UbiSoft confirms it's GAME on

French publisher finalises deal with The Learning Company to buy their entertainment division

WildTangent goes multiplayer

Industry bods queue up to sing the praises of their Web Driver system and its new multiplayer support

FeatureConflict Zone

Preview - revolutionary real-time strategy, where the media controls your motives!

Phantagram throw down the gauntlet

World Championship for Kingdom Under Fire about to kick off

Everquest gets the deluxe treatment

Addictive massively multiplayer game hits the shelves again, with added goodies

6 March 2001

UGO in crisis

Another online network feels the pinch, and gaming sites are amongst the first to suffer

BT kicks sand in the eyes of Netizens

We're all "rather weird" apparently

Kingdom Under Fire

Review - we take a look at the role-playing / real-time strategy hybrid from Korea

To Earth, and Beyond!

Westwood announce new massively multiplayer space faring RPG

5 March 2001

Cyberathletes go amateur

CPL opens amateur online league

New Millennium welcomes New Millennium

Hi-speed, high-performance Internet gaming for every platform under the sun!

New Core release dates

Latest information on Project Eden, Herdy Gerdy, Thunderhawk III

FeatureWindows 2000 for Gamers Revisited

Article - we take an informal look at Windows 2000, nearly a year after its release, and look at whether its situation has improved, or not

GeForce 3 pricing

Our thoughts on how much you will have to pay

Laurent Garnier plays Banja

French techno star to play a DJ set in surreal online game

Ubi Soft buys GAMEs

French publisher on a spending spree


Are VIA shortchanging their motherboard customers? Just what does this new revision entail?

4 March 2001


Preview - our first look at (hopefully) early code from RatBag's 4x4 stadium racing game

EA.com uses Pogo to get eyeballs

Electronic Arts buys the online games site formerly known as TEN

3 March 2001

Arcanum : Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Latest shots of steampunk role-playing game

Baldur's Gate opens again

Interplay announce add-on pack for hit role-playing game Baldur's Gate II

Voyager expands its horizons

Raven boldly go and develop an add-on pack for Elite Force

Demo Summoned by Volition

Your chance to try out Volition's new 3D role-playing game

Night Bomber

Probably the first flight sim to focus on the RAF's night bombing of the Reich during the Second World War

2 March 2001

Codemasters to counter piracy with lunacy

The best way to stop people illegally copying games is apparently to make them look like fools

FeaturePeter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios - Part One

Interview - Peter Molyneux talks about the creation of Black & White, from creatures and plastic eggs to philosophy and religion

NVIDIA box clever with Intel and AMD

Issue dual press releases that highlight the development process for the GeForce 3 drivers

O3 Games get professional help

Pro-gamers to help develop next-gen real-time strategy game


Another railway sim comes to the PC

ATI in the red

Graphics card manufacturer issues profits warning

1 March 2001

Kung-fu Akimbo

Zany platform game comes to Europe after enjoying success in Asia

28 February 2001

Black & White on its way

Lionhead's stunning debut expected March 30th

Terminal Reality to Fly! again

Flight sim sequel confirmed by publisher Take 2

Eidos... fail to hit targets

Despite interest from city types early this week, Eidos have announced turnover and profits down

27 February 2001

LLU gradually approaches fruition

Redstone become the second provider to trial LLU, this time near Portsmouth

BarrysWorld saved from extinction

EB pay ~£400,000 to secure liquidated gaming service's future

Take 2 announce promising financial results

Like THQ before them, and allegedly Eidos tomorrow, Take 2 have announced promising turnover and net profit figures

26 February 2001

The World Was Not Enough

EA's Bond game undergoes major revamp as PC version is cancelled

Asheron's Return

Turbine and Microsoft announce sequel to "Asheron's Call" - rabbits prepare protest

Evil Islands demo released

From Russia with love - a demo of Nival's 3D role-playing game

Serious Encounter

New title and mid-range price point for "Serious Sam"

WWTBAM to net Eidos record gains?

The publishing giant posts its financial results on Wednesday, and the city is throwing money at its shares in anticipation

FeatureGaming Globes 2001 : The Shortlist

Article - have a say in who gets nominated for the gaming industry's answer to the Oscars!

25 February 2001

FeatureGeForce 3

Preview - nVidia's latest graphical breakthrough, under the microscope

Championship Merchandise

You've played the game, now own the football

Music for the masses

New gaming music website opens

24 February 2001

Black & White - "Done"

The wait might finally be over

ELSA Gladiac Ultra

Review - the extremists' graphics card of choice, but just what does it have to offer, and is it really worth buying in the current climate?

23 February 2001

FeaturePeter Huddleston of ELSA

Interview - ELSA's UK product manager talks about the state of the PC graphics card industry

Baldur's Gate II : Collector's Edition

What's in the box? We find out...

New release round-up

Severance tops the bill in the UK's new releases today

Empire Get Bass

British publisher signs deal for PC versions of Get Bass and Sega GT

The customer is always wrong

Consumers say everything should be free, according to new survey

22 February 2001

New look for Eidos Premier

Budget re-releases for Thief II and Tomb Raider IV in the UK

Cossacks invade Playing Fields

London to host "16 Nations Challenge" for historical real-time strategy game

THQ bucks trend

THQ reveal they were one of the few games publishers to see profits increase last year

Severance : Blade of Darkness

Review - Gestalt cleans the blood off his monitor to bring you a full review of Rebel Act's gore-ridden fantasy action game

PowerVR MBX announced for mobiles

Those dreams of playing Quake 3 on your mobile phone might not be so far off!

DSL to cost more Stateside

It's the age-old tactic of wiping out your competitors then taking liberties with your price structure

GeForce 3 announced in Tokyo

Steve Jobs and John Carmack talk about the GeForce 3

21 February 2001

New arrivals and delayed departures

Latest UK release information from GAME Studios

FeatureProject Eden

Preview - we take a look at the new sci-fi action-adventure game from the brains behind the original Tomb Raider

Building a better monster

Sirtech's "monster wrangler" talks about monster behaviour in Wizardry 8

GeForce 3 prices through the roof

Apparently all this talk of "fair pricing" and "market knowledge" is just a smokescreen for the most expensive 3D graphics card, ever

Government gets tough on hackers

Accidentally includes newsgroups and ISPs in its new Terrorism Act, as well

20 February 2001

Womb Raider

Angelina Jolie talks about bringing Tomb Raider to the big screen, and why there may not be a sequel any time soon

Many machines on Ix...

Westwood talk about the Houses and other factions in their first 3D real-time strategy game, "Emperor : Battle For Dune"

19 February 2001

FeatureThe Liquid PC

Article - the do's and don't's about using water to cool your PC

Athlons hit 1.3GHz

And next up on the "we told you so" feed

Baldur's March

Collector's Pack, DVD edition and Icewind Dale add-on now all due in March

Tribal Gathering

The first open beta version of Quake 3 mod "Tribal CTF" has been released

18 February 2001

Rambus smoking gun?

New evidence emerges in long running patent dispute over memory

FeatureArcanum : Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Preview - we take a hands-on look at the steampunk role-playing game from the brains behind the "Fallout" series

Blueyonder hardware goes walkabouts

Servers stolen from south-eastern headquarters in Basildon

17 February 2001


The ski-doo racing team that is, not to be mistaken for X-Files or X-Men

Talking torque

Target Korea programmer obsesses about flight models

Hail to the Chief

Novalogic crowns Land Warrior's first Commander-in-Chief

16 February 2001

FeatureScott Miller of 3D Realms - Part Two

Interview - continuing our two part interview with 3D Realms co-owner Scott Miller

Severance too bloody

Gory fantasy action game turns stomachs in Sweden and Spain

Future looking bleak

Future Publishing lays off 90 staff and shuts down half a dozen magazines

Lawsuits on the high seas

Games developers gang up on four young software pirates

Spring Legends

New information from 3DO about "Legends of Might & Magic"

HyperTransport of the future!

AMD usurp PCI with a ground-breaking new technology

15 February 2001

Typing of the Dead

Review - a great message for the younger generation - it's easier to kill with words than guns