PC Archive Page 536

17 October 2002

CDV rewards loyal Cossacks

Free campaign to celebrate launch of Back to War

American Conquest demo released

Try CDV’s epic real-time stategy game for yourself

Capcom’s PC trio

Breath of Fire IV, Dino Crisis 2 and Mega Man X6

16 October 2002

CS gets riot shielding

New toys for sneakers

Gary Oldman voices for Spearhead

EA scoops proper Hollywood talent

Sold Out’s magnificent seven

Well, some are genuinely magnificent at a fiver a shot

15 October 2002

Links 2003

Review - Tom tees off with Microsoft's latest

Hot Pursuit 2 demo released

Fancy two laps in a Ferrari 360 Spider?

RalliSport Challenge is gold

Another Microsoft PC title is finished

MechWarrior 4 goes gold

Microsoft confirms Mercenaries’ completion

14 October 2002

CDV launches Mini Combat II

Turn-based strategic web game sequel goes live

OpFlash Resistance patched

New features galore, along with multiple bug fixes

UT2003 patch details

The first retail update takes shape

PC gets TOCA in November

Release date set, high res screenshots delivered

Death by Foo

Singularity unveils ‘Thief meets Spy vs. Spy’ title

11 October 2002

Blizzard patch WarCraft III once more

Adds things as well as fixing the broken

Cossacks: Back to Pub

Do you like Cossacks? Right, then you could win a crate of vodka

BioWare patches NWN

7MB of extra content, rather than bug fixes

What's New?

Another week, another crop of games to plough through

10 October 2002

Army apache!

New toys for America’s Army

9 October 2002

Neocron ships

Cyberpunks at the ready

ANNO 1503’s climatic climax

Sunflowers is close to finishing work on ambitious RTS

8 October 2002

Eidos bolsters Premier range

Five new titles, at least three of which are top-notch

7 October 2002

Black Hawk Down for November

Radar blip gets smaller

Golden Rings

Lord of the Rings goes gold. Twice.

6 October 2002

The Sims: Unleashed

Review - Tom becomes a Virtual Farmer and pet baron

4 October 2002

SI releases Champ Man mag details

Rolling CM4 demo, latest data, tons of trinkets

What's New?

Mario, Unreal, Hitman 2, Onimusha 2, and loads more

3 October 2002

Play The Sims Online early

You know you want to

American Conquest

Hands On - Cossacks' developers conquer the New World in their real-time strategy follow-up

AMD unveils new CPUs

It’s a paper launch, but they’re bloody fast

C&C Generals ordered to 2003

EA’s long-awaited 3D Command & Conquer takes a little bit longer than expected

2 October 2002

Westka Interactive shuts its doors

End of the line for development studio, with the loss of 44 jobs

Divine Patching

Bugs fixed; features tweaked

Vivendi to Kill Bill

Tarantino's latest sees game rights snapped up a year prior to release

1 October 2002

Command prompts test

Want to play C&C Generals? This month?

Hitman 2 goes gold

Killer on the loose

30 September 2002

Earth & Beyond hidden by EA

Even PC games flirt with the third place these days...

Sold Out range gets SCi boost

Carmageddon 2 for a fiver, with more to follow

Rip-off industry faces cheap games campaign

FairPlay aims to make them sit up and listen

Tribes 2 patched

Flogging a dead horse?

Links 2003 demo released

It’s a Trial Version actually – la-di-dah!

Tribunal convened for November

Morrowind expansion gathers pace

28 September 2002

Battlefield 1942

Review - we send Martin to war

27 September 2002

Bulletproof Monk

A title so good, we borrowed it for the headline

What's New?

Slower week than most, this, but still a few gems

26 September 2002

Logik State releases GP32 pinball demo

You’ve imported the console, read the preview, now play the game

Vivendi: Lord of the Wringing

Tolkien takes on EverQuest and WarCraft

Warner wants Doom movie

Ah, that old chestnut

24 September 2002

Rage drives Xbox Live

Lamborghini to be one of the first online Xbox titles in Europe

IronStorm demo released

World War I is still raging in this historically doolally shoot’em’up

23 September 2002

Stronghold mounts retail Crusade

FireFly Studios’ castle sim goes gold

22 September 2002

Disciples II: Dark Prophecy

Quick Take - a role-playing strategy game with a difference

21 September 2002

Conflict: Desert Storm

Review - Pivotal's long-awaited tactical shooter sneaks into view

20 September 2002

Official ChampMan mag in the works

You've played the game, eroded the social life, been dumped by the girlfriend - now buy the magazine!

UT2003 goes gold!

Epic development ends

Vivendi gets massive with Marvel

Marvellous news. Simply.

NVIDIA and Square conspire!

Jap dev “aligned with NVIDIA to take the Final Fantasy series to the next level”

What's New?

New toys for all!

19 September 2002

Medieval: Total War

Review - the long-awaited sequel to Shogun knocks us senseless

War Over Europe blossoms

Enormous demo to celebrate

Intel launches 2GHz Celeron

Cheap at the same price

18 September 2002

Everglide launches gaming mats

Get your mouse on!

Colin McRae: our saver!

Stop your PC exploding with a new screensaver from Codemasters

17 September 2002

UT2003 patched

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, what’s the difference?

16 September 2002

Last lap for Microprose UK studio

It would seem that old labels do die, after all

EA’s space MMORPG goes gold

Earth & Not Beyond September