PC Archive Page 536

7 February 2001

FeatureSuper Bubble Pop

Preview - Puzzle Bobble enters the third dimension, we investigate

Mobile Game Oni

Anime-inspired action game comes to .. um .. mobile phones?!? No, that can't be right.

TopWare goes under

Industry gloom spreads to Germany

Infogrames terminates opposition?

French behemoth may have met its match, in the form of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Interplay taps into the Matrix

Possible multi-million dollar licensing deal

NVIDIA Drivers - "serious problem"

A worrying bug rears its ugly head

Black & White delayed .. again

EA and Lionhead continue to torture us

CNet culls GameCenter

It was either that or close GameSpot, they say

6 February 2001

Barrysworld liquidated

The end is nigh for one of Britain's longest running GSPs

Mechwarrior 4 : Vengeance

Review - a look at the latest big stompy robot sim from Microsoft and FASA Interactive

Snoopy poached

Makes up another spate of branded console games for Infogrames

"I'm not dead yet"

Infogrames American COO suggests that reports of the PC's imminent death are a little premature

Infogrames et la femme

French publisher to release game based on "La Femme Nikita"

Brits invade America

NetGames UK to launch pay-to-play service .. in America


Microsoft confirm product names for its next generation operating system and office suite

NVIDIA Release New Drivers

For owners of all their graphics cards, excluding those tinny magical "FX" things they bought out a few weeks ago

5 February 2001

Conquer Europe

Strategy game Europa Universalis to reach Britain in March

Sudden Strikes Back

CDV releases free add-on missions for popular World War II real-time strategy game

FeatureCrossing The Great Divide

Article - developers talk about the different challenges facing them in designing games for consoles and computers

4 February 2001

3 February 2001

2 February 2001

Intel Pentium 4

Review - EuroGamer's take on Intel's latest processor and its architectual basis

Blizzard in Reign of Chaos™

Warcraft III earns itself a new subtitle, as Blizzard unveils the final selection of races to appear in the game

Severance at end of month

Gory third person action game to debut on February 23rd

New release round-up

Find out what's in store for you at your local computer games shop

Eidos line-up

Latest dates for spring and summer releases from Eidos

April Myst

Myst III : Exile is now expected mid-April, and we have the latest screenshots

PC-mounted Dreamcast?

Modifying PC cases has become something of an art, but this is ridiculous

Gameplay cut 275 jobs

E-commerce luvvies' venture into the high street comes a cropper

1 February 2001

Quake III : Team Arena

Review - can id put the teamplay back into Quake?

Codemasters axes 90 jobs

Another poor performer suffers the consequences

Not every release date is in Black & White

Peter Molyneux's latest game may still be out before the end of March

NetGames 0800

New gaming-focused unmetered ISP launches tomorrow in the UK

31 January 2001

Games scholarships from CDV

German publisher supports gaming students

Fast Hard Drives: The Science Bit

A free way to make your new PC move a bit faster! Cor!

Auran Jets in with second beta release

A new free public beta version of Auran's 3D game engine is now available to download

Sega Announces PS2 and GBA Titles

Official statement issued on content of its first third-party games for the PS2 and GBA

Kohan no barbarian

TimeGate Studios talk about putting the strategy back into RTS


Review - is Codemaster's multiplayer-focused motor racing game insane or simply brain dead?

30 January 2001

John Carmack Framed

In a good way, of course

Westwood meets Hollywood

New stills released from "Emperor : Battle for Dune" cutscenes

Black & White release date

EA finally reveal a (hopefully) solid release date for Peter Molyneux's magnus opus


We're talking processors here, not the juvenile delinquent photo archive website

Eidos Wants To Be A Millionaire

Eidos booms in the UK - they won't be needing to "phone a friend" then...

Infogrames Acquires Hasbro

The Interactive arm of Hasbro Incorporated falls into the French publisher's lap

29 January 2001

FeatureThe Sounds of Silence

Article - all you need to keep your PC quiet

Second Age of Wonders

Triumph Studios are working on a sequel to their award-winning role-playing strategy game "Age of Wonders"

Gameplay Takes 2

Special "privilege card" for Gameplay users buying Take 2 games

Final Fantasy Movie Budget Revealed

You could buy a whole hell of a lot of Phoenix Downs with that

Lara goes to the SuperBowl

New trailers released for the Tomb Raider movie

Hercules and Thrustmaster Enjoy Results

It's nice to see someone's actually making some money in this industry

Black & White gets that loving iFeeling

Molyneux's new god game to feature support for iFeel force feedback mice

27 January 2001

Farewell to FASA

The company behind "Crimson Skies" and "Mechwarrior" has announced it is to close

26 January 2001

Feet of lead

Take 2 unveils new "off-road stadium racing" game

Play247.com to Incorporate Gaming

Top e-commerce DVD retailer branches out

MechWarrior 4 release date confirmed

Looking for the next in the now-Microsoft-branded Mech series? Cast your eyes this way!

SCi Posts Poor Results

It's been a bad week for financial results and whatnot, SCi is the latest casualty

WarCraft III Footage!

Check out Blizzard's newest and greatest blockbuster in action

Typing For Your Life

Fight off hordes of zombies with your keyboard!

25 January 2001

Fly Me To The Moon

Anarchists put you in control of lunar settlement

Tim Sweeney on Pentium 4

"I look at the P4 pragmatically,"

Eidos in Trouble

They looked ropey last year, and now sales projections have hit the floor again

24 January 2001

FeatureCossacks : European Wars

Preview - Ukrainian developers take on the might of Microsoft with their challenge to the Age of Empires series

Screamer 4x4

Review - 4WD on the next level - Colin McRae eat my dust

23 January 2001

One small step for Unreal

One giant leap for Unrealty, as NASA releases a digital mock-up of the International Space Station

Spring Summoning

PC version of "Summoner" due in mid-April

22 January 2001

Everglide Mouse Bungee

Review - we investigate Everglide's latest bizarre mouse-related doohickey

Barrysworld closes

Shock announcement from popular British gaming service provider


Article - the Action Replay 2 finally hits the PlayStation 2 - find out all about it inside

Halo Xbox Exclusive?

PC and Mac releases brought into question

January sales at Gameplay

Online store offers up to 80% off some games

21 January 2001

This Empire Earth

Rick Goodman talks about his unofficial follow-up to the Age of Empires series

Third generation world

Vitomir Jevremovic talks about his massively multiplayer free-form space game

19 January 2001

FeatureSynaptic Soup

Interview - Synaptic Soup talk about their recently announced sci-fi racing game "Crazy Car Championship"

Slip sliding away

Latest release dates for "Icewind Dale : Heart of Winter", "Worms World Party", "Art of Magic" and the rest of Virgin's line-up

18 January 2001

Colin McRae Rally 2.0

Review - is it the best Rally game of the year? Stiff opposition might suggest no, but what do we think?

Paint the town red

RoWeb UK running combined LAN and paintball party

Fancy a 1.2GHz Athlon?

Might as well wait, according to leading mail order hardware vendor

Off the road, on to the PlayStation 2

4x4 Evolution comes to the PS2 in March

17 January 2001

FeatureEvil Islands : Curse Of The Lost Soul

Preview - we take a look at a beta copy of this impressive 3D role-playing game

RedHotAnt: A Follow-up

A story of Trading Standards, the Police and now possible refunds for badly treated clients

Whistler in the Wind

Wondering what Microsoft's next generation operating system looks like?

16 January 2001


A mysterious, enchanting use of the Quake III engine.

Pro Rally 2001

Review - it's the more obscure Rally title of the bunch, and we don't like it. Prepare for battle!

RedHotAnt goes off the boil

British ISP "suspends" their unmetered internet access service

Homeworld: Cataclysm Patch

The official Sierra patch for just about every territory that the game has been released in

15 January 2001

Get away scot free

"Grand Theft Auto 2" amongst new range of games available to download for free from Freeloader

The Thing

Cult sci-fi movie spawns survival horror game

The Learning Game

A new name for the company formerly known as Red Orb, SSI, Mindscape, Mattel Interactive, The Learning Company, Broderbund...

Mobile Durons Hit the Deck

Gaming laptops edge one step closer

FeatureKT133A: Performance for Less

Article - a cost-effective hardware upgrade for AMD buyers? Surely not

Far Gate

Review - can Far Gate boldly go where Homeworld has gone before?

Cossacks to ride again in March

CDV's epic real-time strategy game nears release

13 January 2001

It could only happen in America

Quake player threatens to take CPL commissioner to court over alleged assault

Sexs, Drugs and Unreal Tournament

Porn star comes clean on multiplayer gaming addiction

Collect a Settler

Blue Byte's popular "Settlers" strategy game series spawns a range of collectible figures